Shared Expertise for Advancing the Kids’ Digital Business

Monday, February 20, 2017  | New York City
11:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

We’re bringing industry veterans and start-up mavens of Ed Tech and Entertainment to explore emerging digital trends, platforms and devices for kids in the new economy. We’re thinking globally and outside the TOY BOX – rolling up our sleeves and getting down to business while being mindful of the creativity needed to be successful in the Kids Digital Business.

Jam packed agenda with industry experts from every sector of the market to get us focused with specifics on how to succeed – how to focus like a business taking into account the data that informs us about what our end customer wants, needs, how to scale, grow by leaps and bounds all while balancing the creative side of the business.

Join us as we kick off Digital Kids Conference 2017 with lunch. Bring your business cards as there will be networking opportunities throughout the day – including ending the conference with a Networking Event hosted by Edwin the Duck and The Wingmen – complete with music, filling Hors D’oeuvres and cocktails –  not to mention great leads for business all while having fun.
A Must Attend Event For:
  • Game developers
  • App developers
  • Brand owners
  • Entertainment
  • Media executives
  • Marketers
  • Producers
  • Digital media directors
  • Licensing professionals

Tonda Bunge Sellers

Our Producer

Tonda Bunge Sellers infuses her Texas size passion into every aspect of the Digital Kids’ business as Producer of Digital Kids Conference.

Tonda infuses her Texas size passion into every aspect of the Digital Kids’ business as Producer of Digital Kids™ Conference. Her diverse background in education reform and policy to innovation and tech motivates her to maintain a keen focus on the next gen by bringing experts together to share and grow the Kids & Family Digital business. Staying ahead of digital trends and highlighting industry professionals and brands bringing apps and toys to the marketplace that not only inspire, but engage children throughout their developmental years is what inspires her to continuously seek progressive education options for curiosities and learning styles for all children both at home and in the classroom.


Current at Chelsea Piers (Website)
Pier 59, Chelsea Piers
23rd Street and West Side Highway
New York, NY 10011

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 SHUTTLE SERVICE INFO FROM TOY FAIR |Runs from  10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Attendees: Meet the Digital Kids Conference Shuttle in front of the Javits Center at the corner of 11th Ave. and 37th St.  Once a group has been assembled, the driver will be contacted by radio and will pull up for the group to board.

The shuttles will be dropping off the guests at the beginning of Pier 59 right in front of the Current branded glass doors that lead to the venue. It’s a very short walk and the signage makes it an easy path.

Why Attend

Why Attending The Digital Kids Conference Is Essential To Growing Your Business

Digital Kids Conference 2017 will be buzzing with business leaders in family-friendly digital media. If your company is struggling with the question of how to survive in a challenging marketplace, now is the time to tune in and learn from what these experts are sharing.

Industry pioneers and technologists from the biggest tech, entertainment, and education brands will share their latest thinking, future innovations, and today’s brightest products and services designed for the digital native and their connected families.

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  • Connect with industry pioneers and experts
  • Learn successful marketing strategies from leading innovators
  • Direct insight into future technology and up and coming toys
  • Learn how to best design playful products and reinvent classic toys
  • Learn how to raise money and successfully exit
  • Learn to how to navigate a corporate acquisition

Rob Lowe
Senior Director
The LEGO Group


Keynote Speaker

legoThe LEGO Group has a long heritage of pioneering the ways in which technology can enhance physical play and inspire kids to continue building.

Since the 1998 launch of LEGO® MINDSTORMS, the company has launched numerous opportunities to bridge physical and digital play worlds in a way that reinforces physical building. Now, the company is tackling how to harness digital opportunities to connect kids around their shared experiences and to inspire one another creatively.

Rob Lowe, senior director at The LEGO Group, develops digital experiences for children. He will share team insights and anecdotes across a variety of topics related to global digital experience development for children. From the opportunities and challenges that arise from balancing online safety with social behavior to shaping physical and digital play and engaging an audience in order to build a thriving community, Lowe’s insights are informed by a groundbreaking LEGO digital platform launching in the early part of 2017.

Speaker Line-Up
Speaker Highlight

“Edwin is making a difference while creating opportunity,” Matt MacBeth

MacBeth will share behind the scene real struggles for the far from glamorous journey of start-up tech entrepreneurs and how the daily task to remain focused while staying aligned with the big vision and long term goals is constantly prevalent and well worth it
edwinduckAccompanying MacBeth includes none other than Edwin the Duck – who by all accounts looks like an ordinary duck, but far from it.

Matt MacBeth
CEO and Co-Founder
pi lab and Edwin The Duck


Media Partner Spotlight

Through play kids learn valuable life skills.

Digital Kids Conference partner, the Genius of Play, is a leading resource on the developmental benefits of play and provides the latest expert advice, play ideas, and research through thegeniusofplay.org website, social media and other communications channels.


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