Digital Kids Summit | September 26-27, 2017

Propelling Your Business & Tapping into the Connected Family Through Innovations and Insights

The Digital Kids Summit  features dozens of entertainment and education leaders, who will share insights and innovations for propelling your digital kids’ business forward, building affinity with connected families and tapping into new revenue opportunities.

The 2-Day Summit in Austin is an intimate setting, ideal for connecting with the industry leaders creating ground breaking products and inventing new engagement strategies, including Producers, Developers, Brand Managers, Content Creators, Researchers, Press, VCs and CEOs.

Whether looking for inspiration, product development guidance, service support for launching a new product or practical advice for creating a sustained and profitable business, the Summit is a once a year must attend event.

  • Meet with leaders across entertainment, digital and education sectors
  • Strategies for success – from innovation to engagement to monetization
  • Work through the complexities impacting the digital kids’ market
  • Understand global reach and cultural priorities
  • Insights on digital play patterns/consumption and marketing to moms
  • Explore the transformation of traditional education
  • Tap into revenue opportunities

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